Something about how to protect and maintain your print heads better

- Dec 19, 2017-

      Something about how to protect and maintain your print heads better

Use certificated ink,use famous ink that the others used.use ink produced by big company,use ink with wide compatibility.there is no too much difference in the current market condition.

The related reserve things about the machine.


Keep 20-25 or so,ink is easy to solidify to be kind of like jelly to block the print head.the ink volatilization and drying will quicken at the nozzle.

Make the humidity  a little intense to more than 40%,too dry environment will cause the print head dry. humidity can be a cause to block print head

The second reason is ultraviolet:

It is a common sense that UV ink will solidify once it meets light,nozzles expose under light outside,the outer ink tube also expose under light.which can make the ink dry.therefore,it is not good to put the machine at the gate or the place where the sun light can shoot.we’d better not to let sun light cast into the printing room or printing machine.just to use the natural light in the room,which is not easy to cause the clogging phenomenon .

The third reason:wind,air flow is too heavy.lots of people do not install air conditioner  in summer instead of installing a big blower at the window to pump air heavily.the air flow so fast that the nozzles dry quickly.because the heavy wind make the ink volatilize easier to block.

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