Other factors that affect print head for an UV printer

- Dec 20, 2017-

     Other factors that affect print head for an UV printer

    The fourth reason:there is too much dust in the environment,the dust will probably goes into the ink,and stick to nozzles, goes into ink bottle,then lead clogging .

    The fifth reason: discrete ink might  be caused by low temperature in winter that makes the ink density heavy, decreases the ink flow fluency.

    The sixth reason:those printers that are not installed negative device use the low horizon ink of ink bag.generally.the ink height should higher 20cm than nozzles.for those printers that have adopted negative device,the negative bag should lower 20cm than the nozzles.the machine installed with negative system.too heavy negative pressure would cause shortage of ink supply. Is easy to appear discrete ink.too slight negative pressure would cause ink drop.easy to stack ink and appear discrete ink.


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