Some behaviors that will harm the uv flatbed printer

- Aug 19, 2017-

Some behaviors that will harm the uv flatbed printer:

1. Adjust the print head violently

Whether it is to replace or fine tuning the print head, do not do it violently, please follow the norms and treat the print head carefully.


2. Do not pay attention to the working ground wire

UV flatbed printer printing is greatly affected by static electricity, the connection of the ground wire should always be checked, we should spray a little salty water regularly to the surroundings of the ground wire.

3. Switch the circuit at will

Disassemble and install the UV flatbed printer circuit without the power off and disconnecting the mains power. This behavior can damage the life of each system, endanger the print head.


4. Cleaning without turning off the power

Paying attention to protect the circuit board and other internal systems when the uv flatbed printer is doing cleaning. Turn off the power when cleaning, and be careful that the water do not touch the circuit board and other internal systems.


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