Precautions for daily use of UV flatbed printer

- Jul 28, 2020-

Precautions for daily use of UV flatbed printer

   Precautions for daily use of UV flatbed printers. Generally, we buy a UV printer and use it every day. The editor of Dacen summarizes some points that need to be paid attention to during daily use.

  Precautions for daily use of UV flatbed printers

   1. Ensure stable power supply, stable voltage and stable current for the machine

   When the UV flatbed printer is running, if the voltage is unstable, it will cause the printer to fail to operate normally, affect the printing effection, and even cause damage to the printer's accessories and nozzles.


   2. When the printer is working, do not approach the running track of the carriage. If the printing material is deformed by heat, turn on the suction platform.

    3. The working environment of the printer should be ventilated and not too dry.

  4. Do not dismantle and repair the UV flatbed printer without authorization

   Because there are some precision parts inside the printer, it is difficult to restore the machine by disassembling and repairing the parts by yourself. (The equipment purchased at Dacen will be serviced within one working day).


   5. Don't place anything except the printing material on the suction platform

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