How to maintain the print head of UV printer?

- Jul 29, 2020-

How to maintain the printhead of UV printer?

   1. Do not clean the nozzle frequently and excessively

Some users worry about the nozzle clogging and frequent cleaning of the nozzle is a wrong approach. Frequent cleaning will damage the inside of the printhead. The frequency of nozzle cleaning is generally recommended to be cleaned every one month or three months. Try to avoid cleaning unless clogging.


    2. When cleaning the nozzle, the pressure should not be too high. Rinse gently to make the cleaning liquid flow out slowly from the spray space.

  3. Never use inferior ink and cleaning soulution.

      UV flatbed printer inks use a large amount of consumables. Some people use low-quality inks cheaply in order to save costs. They do not use the ink specified by the printer manufacturer to cause the nozzle to block and cause irreparable losses. Due to small losses, each manufacturer's ink composition The ratios are not the same, if there are no special circumstances, do not change easily.


  4.UV flatbed printer nozzle immersed in the cleaning solution can clean the nozzle

     The nozzle of UV flatbed printer can be cleaned by immersing it in the cleaning liquid, but it cannot be soaked for a long time, and the whole printhead can not be soaked in the cleaning liquid. The nozzle has many electronic components and the cleaning liquid is corrosive. Just soak the nozzle part of the nozzle. , The time is controlled within 1-2 hours.

   5. Do not let the direct sunlight hit the printer nozzle.  Sunlight or reflection on the surface of the nozzle will cause the ink to solidify and block the nozzle.

    6. after work finishing, cover the carriage with shading cloth to prevent the nozzle from being exposed to light

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