Precautions for buying UV flatbed printer

- Feb 11, 2021-

  Different UV flatbed printer manufacturers have different prices, different models, product quality and after-sales service. This article will talk about the precautions for purchasing UV flatbed printers.

   One, Precautions for purchasing UV flatbed printer

   1. Determine your needs and approximate budget first. You can find UV printer manufacturers through friends' introductions or online.

  2. On-site inspections to UV printer manufacturers, after all, are tens of thousands of things, not a small number, but you can go to the factory to inspect and feel relieved, mainly depending on the factory scale, service attitude, professional knowledge, production capacity, etc.

  3. Different manufacturers and different models will have different prices. In contrast, you should choose a good after-sales service and guaranteed quality.

  4. Pay attention when signing a contract, including after-sales service, maintenance, warranty coverage, accessories, etc. All the blanks are unproven, and it is appropriate to write in white and black in the contract.

  Two, UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  When choosing a uv flatbed printer, you should consider factors such as the stability of the printer, the choice of nozzles, subsequent maintenance costs (the price of replacing the nozzles), and after-sales service. The content of this article hopes to help you.

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