How to clean the Epson nozzle of UV printer A3?

- Feb 01, 2021-

  How to clean the A3 Epson nozzle of UV printer?The A3 printer is widely loved by major manufacturers because of its low price.This article will talk about the cleaning method of the nozzle of the A3 printer.

  One.How to clean the  Epson nozzle of UV printer A3?

  1.Automatic cleaning:The automatic cleaning of the Epson nozzle of the UV flatbed printer is to use the cleaning software of the machine itself to control the trolley to automatically align the waste ink port and automatically clean the nozzle.In this method,the inkjet volume is set at a fixed value of 50ml/time or higher.Although it saves time and effort,it consumes more ink.It is several times more than semi-automatic cleaning ink.Nothing at a time,but it will increase over time.The cost of consumables.

  2.Semi-automatic cleaning:The semi-automatic cleaning of the Epson print head of the UV flatbed printer means that the trolley is automatically aligned with the ink stack,and the operator only needs to control the syringe to draw ink,which only consumes 5 to 10 ml of ink.This method saves ink and time and effort,and does not cause unclean cleaning due to improper alignment.

  3.Manual cleaning:As the name implies,the operator cleans the nozzle by himself.Use the syringe to quickly and seamlessly align the clogged nozzles of the nozzles,and pull the syringes until the nozzles discharge smoothly.This method is relatively time-consuming,and it is difficult to control the amount of ink drawn if the operation technology is not level.If the alignment is not correct,it will cause the cleaning to be unclean,so it is not recommended for newcomers.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is the whole content of"How to clean the Epson nozzle of UV printer A3?",UV flatbed printer cleans the nozzle to keep the internal channel of the nozzle smooth and ensure the printing quality.Common Epson nozzle cleaning methods include manual cleaning,semi-automatic cleaning,and automatic cleaning.The content of this article hopes to help you.

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