Is UV flatbed printer worth the investment?

- Jan 27, 2021-

  Is the UV flatbed printer worth the investment?In fact,it depends on the situation of your own factory.If you often use UV flatbed printers for printing and processing,it is okay,because if you are processing them,they may charge you 10-20 USD per square meter.In fact,the cost of UV printer ink Just a few dollars,this kind of situation is suitable for ordering UV printers,if the products processed by itself are very few,but occasionally needed,then it is recommended to directly find the advertising company to process it.

  One.Is the UV flatbed printer worth the investment?

  1.At present,most factories have begun mass production,such as customized mobile phone shells,mobile power shell printing,U disk shell printing,etc.UV printers have good craftsmanship,high precision,high speed,and low cost,so many manufacturers have begun to vigorously Putting into production,many enterprises have already carried out relatively large-scale production.

  2.UV printers are used in a wide range of industries.The current common application industries are:decorative glass industry,home building materials industry,advertising industry,ceramic tile decoration industry,etc.Products printed with personalized patterns are 2-3 times the price of ordinary products,The overall profit is very substantial.UV printing related technologies are constantly reformed and updated,and put into decoration and other industries in good condition.

  3.The industry development trend of UV printers is bound to be on the rise.It has a wide range of applications,from ordinary graphics,advertising and printing,to packaging,clothing,accessories,etc.Most companies are increasingly inclined to branding.The number of color printing products used has gradually increased.At present,there are very few simple black-and-white packaging and posters in the market.The increase in such demand has also increased the demand for uv printing.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is the whole content of"Is the UV flatbed printer worth the investment?"Since its research and development,the UV printer series has quickly seized the printing industry market with great advantages,and has gained a large portion of the market share with a growing trend every year.If you happen to have a need,welcome to inquire Dacen.

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