DACEN UV flatbed printer can achieve high and low drop printing

- Feb 08, 2021-

  UV printers are called flatbed printers because basically flat materials can be printed,but for some customers,the materials may not be so flat and have some arcs.Is it possible to print at this time?The answer is that it can be printed,developed and customized by DAEN The UV printer can achieve high and low drop printing.

  One.DACEN UV flatbed printer can realize high and low drop printing

  1.Toy drop uv printer

  The toy printer is a new breakthrough in the printing industry.The toy printer specializes in printing color patterns,LOGO and texts of various special materials.According to the current toy market survey,toy uv printers have been integrated into this industry!

  2.Vamp drop UV printer

  The shoe upper logo and pattern personalized customization are also on the rise in the market.Many shoe factories have a high drop uv printer for mass production.

  3.Engraving painting drop UV printer

  Engraving painting is also engraving the background wall.The early engraving background wall usually uses an engraving machine to engrave the material first,and then uses a UV printer to color it.Not to mention the high cost of the equipment,the process is even more cumbersome,but now a high drop uv is used.The printer can complete the engraving production.

  4.Decorative line drop uv printer

  Decorative lines have always been high-drop materials.Background walls and decorative paintings have been popular for these years.There has been no matching decorative lines to echo.Nowadays,high-drop UV printers have just solved this market vacancy.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer DACEN summary

  DACEN's high and low drop printer uv printer technology bottleneck,the printing drop has been increased to more than 15mm.The above is the whole content of"DACEN UV flatbed printer can achieve high and low drop printing".

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