How to install UV flatbed printer correctly?

- Jul 15, 2020-

How to install UV flatbed printer correctly?

   Many customers, especially foreign customers, do not know how to install after purchasing a UV printer. Dacen has 15 years of experience in the flatbed UV printer industry. This article talks about how to install a UV flatbed printer correctly?

  How to install UV flatbed printer correctly?

   First, the UV flatbed printer circuit equipment matters:

   1. Power off the UV printer, corresponding to the power cords of different ink cartridges, and plug them in one-to-one according to the orientation marked on the nozzle version interface.

   2. Insert the flat line of the UV printer into the inner plate of the nozzle, and wrap it twice with non-woven fabric at the seam to absorb the flying ink generated by the nozzle during printing to prevent the liquid from directly entering the nozzle.

   Second, UV flatbed printer ink tube equipment matters:

   1. Connect one end of the ink tube of the UV printer to the second-level ink sac, use pliers to fasten it, and fix the interface orientation.

   2. Add the ink of the UV printer to the large ink cartridge and check the stirring device in the ink cartridge.

   3. Insert the secondary ink cartridges into the nozzle of the UV printer according to the order of different ink colors. 

   Third, the commissioning and inspection items of the UV flatbed printer ink path equipment:

   1. Turn on the UV printer power switch, turn on the nozzle switch, and check whether the green light on the display is on.

   2. Press the UV printer ink press function to investigate whether the ink flowing out is coherent into a bead shape.

   3. After the UV printer resets the origin, print a test strip to detect the ink ejection status of the nozzle. It should be noted that in the process of the equipment, gloves are required to prevent the ink from directly touching the skin. If it accidentally splashes into the eyes, it should be cleaned with clean water in time.

   Fourth, how to use UV printer correctly?

  UV printers should never move the equipment or the engine of the equipment immediately without closing the power supply. Avoid sudden interruptions during the entire operation of the machinery and equipment. If you encounter special circumstances, you can press the emergency pause button. Assuming that you encounter a problem with the closed power supply, please calibrate back to the starting point, and then start copying again. Ink is guaranteed throughout the copying process, no empty burner is needed, which is disadvantageous to the service life of the nozzle.

  Summary of UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen

  The above is "How to install UV flatbed printer correctly?", I hope to help you.

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