How to deal with streaks printed by UV flatbed printer?

- Jul 15, 2020-

How to deal with streaks printed by UV flatbed printer?

    Customers may encounter streaks in the process of using the UV flatbed printer, which affects the printing effect. At this time, what should we do? Today talk about the solution.

   1. If the UV flatbed printer has insufficient ink supply, check whether the ink in the ink bottle is sufficient, whether it is caused by lack of ink.

   2. The nozzle is blocked. The current UV printer printing software has a cleaning function on it, which is to use continuous pumping ink and ink to clean the nozzle. Or use the nozzle cleaning fluid to clean the nozzle. Note that the nozzle cleaning fluid contains slight corrosiveness.

   3. Whether there is air in the ink tube and ink bag of the UV printer. Manually draw out the ink inside the ink tube and ink sac with a syringe to circulate the air inside. Manually circulate the ink. The ink drawn with a clean syringe can also be injected back into the ink bottle without wasting ink.

   4. The UV printer's grating bar is dirty. Wipe the grating bar with a clean dust-free cloth. Do not rub hard, just wipe gently.

   5. Some of the relatively simple modified machines made of UV machines are almost all platforms are pulled by belts. Platform equipment pulled by belt. The belt will definitely loosen after a long time, so just tighten the belt.

   The above is the whole content of "How to deal with the streaks printed by the UV flatbed printer?" I hope to help you, if you don't understand, you can also call us directly, we will handle it for you in time.

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