Application of UV Printer in Construction Industry

- Aug 12, 2017-

China's architectural decoration industry is labor-intensive industries, with the rapid development of China's technology, corporate customers for the taste of the decoration is also increasing, which represents the prospects of UV printer market is bright, with a UV printer, whether it is for decoration style or material supplier, can produce ingenious and personalized works ,in the meanwhile it is also green, people of all ages like it naturally.


Today, UV printers have become a hot topic in the construction industry, there is a wide variety of materials in building industry, whether it is wallpaper or tiles, can print on it with beautiful patterns through the UV printer. UV printer has a high printing visual resolution, UV curing ink has advantages of high saturation, high fidelity and so on, the screen effects and quality produced by UV printing technology is much better than the traditional printer, Moreover, UV printers production speed is very high, can produce with large quantity, and also suitable for small quantities of personalized production.


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