Causes and Solutions of Ghosting in UV Flatbed Printers

- Aug 14, 2017-

The ghost error may occur in the using of UV flatbed printer , the main reason lies in two aspects: First, there may appear dust, dirt, etc. in the use of raster , and then maybe the carriage does not move smoothly.

1.Raster problem: whether the state of the cursor is normal in working conditions, because the raster is the key to positioning the image, can not tolerate any dirt, so if you check the dirt, then need to clean, it may be influenced when using especially space dust and other ink traces . So the user can clean the raster and then do printing test, if it is the problem of raster, you can directly replace it , can solve the problem simply.

2 Carriage does not move smoothly: UV printers carriage movement is the key to control the print head to achieve the precise positioning , if the resistance is too large in the moving process causing the stuck, resulting in the random inkjet , then there will be ghosting when the image is printed out . Under this situation the car's gasket, copper need to be checked whether there are foreign goods causing severe wear , after cleaning, remember to wear some oil ,the problem can be resolved.

Good stability of the UV flatbed printer not only makes you use more convenient, and may avoid the large and small failure in printing process that may affect the work.


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