Wood Printer Used In India

Wood Printer Used In India

The wood printer installed with Toshiba print heads offer customers a wide and colorful world where you can get a excellent effect and comfortable experience.especially you have found some very beautiful pictures or yourself really like.you can print them on the wooden stuff.like a hamburger is printed in the kitchen.

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Wood printer used in India

Wooden tools and decorations are adopted in our daily life.for instance,the the desks we used, kitchen stuff.doors,stationary.so many wooden substances are used in our life. There is no wonder that we want to beautify our wooden things.and now UV printer might be the potential and meaningful tool we can use.it can easily,quickly,cost- efficiently give you the effect that customers want at a low cost.  With indoor lifetime over 10 years,and over 5 years outdoor. You do not have any concerns during the using.

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1.where can I buy the spare parts?

Our factory also provide spare parts and inks,you can buy from our factory directly.

2. How to do when the print head does not work well?

Turn off power, move the print head to the initial position, check if the print head and cap top is in the same line, clean automatically the print head by cleaning system, then print to tell whether it works well now. If above operations still can't solve this problem, then disassemble the print head, clean the print head manually or use cleaning machine to clean the print head, If the issue has not been solved after above all operations, then check other parts or change a new print head to test.

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