Printer For Wood Stunning Quality Easy Operate

Printer For Wood Stunning Quality Easy Operate

The UV flatbed printer applies advanced 8 levels ink grey scale technology that the variable ink drop makes the printed images more lifelike than the other images printed by other average printers ,equipped with imported high performance rail guide,ensure stable movement, high print resolution, long life, low noise.

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Printer for wood is the reproduction of digital images using inkjet printing,typically on plastic or paperboard,in addition,a wide variety of materials can be printed (photographic paper, film, cloth, plastic ,glass, ceramic tile etc.). Dacen flatbed printer use inks made of acrylic monomers that are then exposed to strong UV-light to cure, or polymerize when printing.This process allows the printer print on a wide variety of surfaces such as wood or metal, carpet, tile, and even glass. The adjustable printing bed makes it possible to print on surfaces ranging in thickness from a sheet of paper often up to as much as several inches .

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  1. What materials this printer can print on?
    It can print on any materials such as phone case, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, pen, golf ball, metal, ceramic, glass, textile and fabrics etc...

  2. Why the print head of glass printers often occur clogging problems?
    A. Residual ink   B. Inner filter   C. Ink viscosity

  3. Could your technician Come to our address and install the machine ?
    No problem,but the round-trip ticket and accommodation in your place need to be paid by you

  4. What RIP your machine use ? Did your price include RIP?
    All prices include RIP, and our RIP is GMG,for printer to print the color vivid.

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