Hot Sale Flatbed Wood Printer

Hot Sale Flatbed Wood Printer

Dacen flatbed wood printer now is very hot in pringting industry.It has replaced the traditional printing ways with more convenient mothod,no need to wait any longer.And the patterns on the wood can be designed by yourself,which will make your wood production special in your area.

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Product Details

Hot sale flatbed wood printer

Our flatbed wood printer,with certified accessories by ink supplier,there will be no any chemical reaction with ink,the life of the print head will be longer.With Toshiba print head,its dot frequency is 28 KHZ with 636 nozzles,so that our printer can achieve a high print speed.Printing on wood can be used as door,background wall etc..

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  1. Wood box

    wood UV printer.png

  2. Wood cabinet

    Wood uv printer(1).jpg

  3. Wood door

    wood  door printer.png

After sales service

  1. The supplier will train two engineers for free, the buyer will take care of their hotel stay, food and transport.

  2. The supplier will provide software update for free.

Product Features

  1. Ink cartridge has Ink Level Detecting Sensor, when ink finished there will be alarming

  2. Sectional Vacuum Platform
    Sectional vacuuming platform, inlet volume control for different media makes printing easier and more efficient.

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