Glass Printing With Anti-collision System High Speed

Glass Printing With Anti-collision System High Speed

Glass printing is used for printing on glass.The picture on it can be customized by yourself.Not only can print on glass,but also can print on wood,ceramic,metal,acrylic,plastic,phone case,etc.

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Glass printing is used for industrial production. It possesses fast printing speed with high density nozzles and high dot frequency, which makes the digital printing production to come true.What's more,the printer has high resolution with 5pl ink drop size.The printer is applicable to many kinds of different materials,ceramic tile, phone case, metal, glass, wood, plastic bags, card, etc. with professional color separation software.
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  1. Equipped With TOSHIBA CE4M Print head
    High density nozzles, as many as 636,dot frequency is 28KHZ,achieve a high print speed. Spray ink can reach 300 billion times without clogging and oblique , with a long life. 8 levels grey scale, 5pl ink drop size, with a high resolution.


  2.  Certified accessories
    Accessories of Ink system are certified by ink supplier, without chemical reaction with ink.


  3. High precision print head base board.
    Print head base board is OEM by professional factory, high-precision process. Error less than 0.01mm to improve print accuracy.


  4. Independent negative pressure system on white and color.
    Ensure perfect output in the process of high frequency printing, greatly improve stability of the device





1.1.What materials this printer can print on?
It can print on any materials such as phone case, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, pen, golf ball, metal, ceramic, glass, textile and fabrics etc...

2.2.How to solve there is no power when UV printer is powered on?
A. It can be solved by using the 220V power supply;
B.It can be solved by re-installing a relay.

3.3.How long will the warranty be for your printer?

Our Toshiba print head has one year warranty and the printer also.If it is beyond one year,only charge at cost.

4.4.I don't know your website well, how can I trust you?

Shenzhen Dacen Digital Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Shenzhen,China.We are manufacturer of uv flatbed printer with more than 10 years' experience.You can scan our


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