Flatbed Glass Printer Machine Good After Sales Service

Flatbed Glass Printer Machine Good After Sales Service

Flatbed glass printer machine has a good after sales service ,can print on not only thin paper but also all kinds materials(mobile phone cover, leather, signs, light boxes, KT board, stone, glass, silica gel, wood, ceramic, crystal, acrylic, PVC, ABS etc.),with high print speed, high resolution and great goods durability.

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Product Details

Flatbed glass printer machine good after sales service

Our Flatbed glass printer machine adopted Toshiba CE4M print head,high resolution and high speed, dot frequency is 28KHZ,achieve a high print speed.It can print on almost all flatbed materials such as ceramic, glass, acrylic,wood,phone case,metal ,leather and so on.Because of its multicolor and wonderful printing effect,the output image can become more realistic as it should be.Combined with certified accessories of ink system,there will be no any chemical reaction with ink,ensure a perfect printing effect.And the good after sales service is available whenever there occurs any problems.

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  1. Glass door

    Glass door.jpg

  2. Glass window

    Glass window.jpg

  3. Glass paiting

    Glass paiting.jpg

Product Features

  1. Certified ink by TOSHIBA.
    Ink is certified by TOSHIBA, passed RoHS, SGS certification. Without any components which may damage print head. Life of print head will be longer.  High ink density and wide color gamut.

  2. Certified accessories
    Accessories of Ink system are certified by ink supplier, without chemical reaction with ink.

  3. High precision print head base board.
    Print head base board is OEM by professional factory, high-precision process. Error less than 0.01mm to improve print accuracy.

  4. High-performance transmission
    USB3.0 interface, speed is 10 times than USB2.0. High efficiency ,energy saving compatibility, strengthen anti-interference ability

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