Custom Glass Printing Wonderful Quality High Resolution

Custom Glass Printing Wonderful Quality High Resolution

Custom glass printing has a good word of mouth in our printing industry.Equipped with Toshiba print head which has high resolution and high speed ,making the printing fast with perfect effect.

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The custom glass printing applies advanced 8 levels ink grey scale technology that the variable ink drop makes the printed images more realistic than the other images printed by other average printers ,equipped with imported high performance rail guide,promise a stable movement,high print resolution, long life, low noise.Which guarantee your printing procedure more efficient, more accurate,more comfortable.

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  1. How long will the warranty be for your printer?
    Our Toshiba print head has one year warranty and the printer also.If it is beyond one year,only charge at cost.

  2. What's your best price?
    We are directly factory will offer you best competitive price.

  3. Why there is no power when UV printer is powered on?
    A.The machine is not power on- caused by the fault of the suction solid-state DC relay T1 and L1of the line's short circuit;
    B.There is no power when powered on - caused by AC solid state relay failure

  4. Does the machine need long time to deal with the pictures?
    You just need to deal with the pictures on computer and then transfer to the RIP to do the printing.

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