Cheap Inkjet Printer High Quality

Cheap Inkjet Printer High Quality

Cheap inkjet printer operation is simple.The price is cheap, the quality of cheap inkjet printer is good.

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Cheap inkjet printer is a combination of robust mechanical structure, High-fidelity inkjet and color image processing technology to straightly print on various kinds of rigid or flexible medias. It is an unprecedented breakthrough of traditional digital printing technique. Fitting with TOSHIBA industrial print heads, 4 colors ink or 6 colors ink(C M Y K LC LM ), white &varnish optional, the printer delivers an extraordinary image quality at a high speed. And the price is cheap, the quality of cheap inkjet printer is good.


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1.With competitive price, our UV flatbed printer have a certain market share at home and abroad.

2.It has no material restrictions, can print any flatbed materials, such as acrylic, glass, wood, ceramic, phone case, plastic, leather, signage, marble, KT board, stone, PVC, ABS, etc.

3.High-strength steel frame. Welded racks are milled by CNC milling machine. Ensure no deformation when print glass, stone and other heavy materials. 

Applications: case

3 phone case printer.jpg

2.power bank

800power bank.jpg



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