Wood Industrial UV Printer 6090 Flatbed

Wood Industrial UV Printer 6090 Flatbed

Dacen 6090 flatbed printer with toshiba ce4m print head, is High Precision,Humanized Design and Cost Efficient printer.

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                             wood material industrial UV printer 6090 flatbed printer

Dacen 6090 flatbed printer with toshiba ce4m print head, is High Precision,Humanized Design and Cost Efficient  printer.


1.Anti-collission system , protect printhead. 

2. Strong frame, Steel frame integrated molding, 14 support points

3. Unique 7 Colors Configuration (Clear ink Optional)

4. Machine continue to print last file while sudden power off

5.  Use GMG RIP software, present more vibrant solid colors and brighter skin tones


DG-6090(one head two color)

DG-6090 One head single color

4 pass

4.81 sqm/h

 8.65 sqm/h

6 pass

3.22 sqm/h

5.76 sqm/h

8 pass

2.34 qm/h

4.12 sqm/h


1*. Secondary cartridge

     The secondary ink cartridges pre-heating system enhance the fluency further 

2*.Toshiba CE4M Print head

      High density nozzles, as many as 636,dot frequency is 28KHZ,achieve a high print speed. Spray ink can reach 300 billion times without clogging and oblique , with a long life. 8 levels grey scale, 5pl ink drop size, with a high resolution

3*. Print head base board 

      Print head base board is OEM by professional factory, high-precision process. Error less than 0.01mm to guarantee installation &print accuracy

4*. Push-pull residual ink drawer 

     Humanized design, no need to rise the carriage to clean the surface of print head , improving the efficiency


5*. Flat –Cylinder Print Switch 

      Press to  switchover between flat and cylinder print  quickly due to it can print on both normal flat  and cylindrical objects like bottles and cans 

6*.Press ink button 

      Press ink  to clean and  expel ink and air in the print head , raise picture effect

7*.vacuum button

     Separately control the vacuum in two parts to suck material s firmly

8*. Negative pressure button 

     Quick control and adjust to get proper negative pressure  

9*. UV lamp     One single lamp is 7W, without shading during printing. Long life, warranty for 1 years 10*. Filter ink fan 

     Expel residual ink in the air,more healthy ,more environment friendly


11*. Imported  Towline 

         Imported high performance towline, low noise, make your working environment more comfortable.

12*. Universal  Platform 

        Both flat and cylindrical objects are printable , carriage  moving save more space as well compared with  those  platform moving  to print.


       Alarm users to add ink on time

14*. External  Cartridge 

      More convenient to add ink for the humanized external  cartridge  design

15*. Supplementary  Rack 

      Add the platform to  the perfect height,make print easier   



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