Wide Format Uv Flatbed Printer

Wide Format Uv Flatbed Printer


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Wide Format Uv Flatbed Printer DACEN DG-2513

  1. Variable color configuration, up to 8 colors

  2. Grayscale print heads, variable drop size from 5pl to 40pl

  3. Speed up to 100 sqm/hr

  4. Handles rigid substrate up to 10cm thick

  5.  Print size 4 by 8 feet. with 4 vacuum zones

2513A 第1屏-18




1.where can i buy the spare parts?
Our factory also provide spare parts and inks,you can buy from our factory directly.


2.Is printhead easy to clog?
Use import ink stack, and automatic Print-head cleaning system,ink absorption, Moisturizing function, to get highest printing quality.Ensure the best printing output, The big capacity ink supplying system, guarantee the request of the ink supply.Improve the moisture of the nozzle.Ensure the output quality of the frame


3.What software to be Compatible?

Intelligent design, compatible for GMG,photoprint etc printing software can be Compatible, scientific operation to make the printing easily.


4.Does the machine need long time to deal with the pictures?

You just need to deal with the pictures on computer and then transfer to the RIP to do the printing.

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