Vertical Direct On Wall Printer

Vertical Direct On Wall Printer

The wall inkjet printing machine can print any photo and words on wall, ceramic tile, glass, paper, canvas etc. for decoration and advertising.

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3D Vertical Automatic Wall Printing Machines Direct To wall printer





Wall metope: inside and outside wall putty metope,  emulsioni paint metope, white wall,imitation porcelain metope, rice paper, canvas, wall coat, color coated glaze, shell powder, color grain paint and other metope

Other media: glass, ceramic tile, wood board, acrylic, PVC and metal plate, etc. (need to be coated)




Q: How it works?

A: The working principle is that the ink is spray from the nozzle and printed on the wall when scanning manner

Q:If there is a sudden power off, it continue printing after power on?

A:Yes, printer with a backup power supply, it can last more than 2.5 hours after power off.

Q:what is the lead time to provide unit is we purchase ?

A: it about 7 days will sent out

Q:Can I print on uneven walls?

A: Yes, printer has an infrared distance detector, which can accurately calculate the distance between print head and the wall in real time, and then automatically retract the print head according to the unevenness of the wall to ensure the spray distance between the print head and the wall and prevent the nozzle from and the wall Face collision to protect the print head. As long as the unevenness of the wall does not exceed 2cm, it can be printed.

Q:How could i do if it rains?

A:The pattern printed by our printer is instant dry, waterproof and sunscreen. As long as there is no rain or condensation during printing, there is no problem with rain after print pattern finish.

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