UV Flatbed Printer With Wide Print Size

UV Flatbed Printer With Wide Print Size

Our flatbed printers with big format print size can be used to print on very big or wide materials.such as advertisement banner or show boxes or window.you can use it to print on small stuff.like the USB flash drive.

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UV flatbed printer with wide print size

 Dacen is the professional UV printer manufacturer that produce all kinds of UV flatbed printer and the hybrid UV printer,flatbed and roll to roll printer.all series of materials can be printed perfectly.the most important is the print head we equipped in our printers.that offer customer one year warranty that is not provide by other print head manufacturers.the price,the print speed.the print effect including 3d embossment are perfect.

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1.What type of  your print head is?

It is the most advanced print head ,TOSHIBA CE4M with high density nozzles as many as

636,high resolution with 5pl ink drop size.

2.how can I adjust the print height?

You can measure the material thickness manually,then set the print head height based on

the thickness. Dacen printer also can detect the height of printing objects automatically

by an sensor.

3. If I still have questions about this product, what shall I do?
We will contact you as soon as possible if you could leave your contact details in our

websit    e ,calling us or sending us an e-mail is also ok.

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