UV Flatbed Printer With Intelligent Ink System

UV Flatbed Printer With Intelligent Ink System

In order to lengthen or prolong the print head life,we need to do something exclusively .for instance,the white and black inks are ropier than other inks.so we usually put the inks stirrers to keep them flow not to solidify.

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UV flatbed printer with Intelligent ink system

As we know,ink is one element of the uv printing,and it is the media to contact with the material surface.and we often have lots of options when we need ink.but all the things we do is to ensure we can get the graphics what we want.normally,although  we have bought a very good UV flatbed printer ,we still take the ink into consideration when we use in the future,and also, a good ink supply system can be helpful for our printer’s life.

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1.What type of  your print head is?

It is the most advanced print head ,TOSHIBA CE4M with high density nozzles as many as 636,high resolution with 5pl ink drop size.

2. What materials this printer can print on?

It can print on any materials such as phone case, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, pen, golf ball, metal, ceramic, glass, textile and fabrics etc...

3.where can I  buy the spare parts and inks?

Our factory provide spare parts and inks as well,you can buy from our factory directly or other suppliers in your local market if it is fit for our machine.

4. How to move the machines?

UV printers belong to precise instrument, when you move them, please turn off all power, remove the cartridges and waste cartridge, keep other parts on the printer, and handle with care, keep shaking and heavy goods away from the printer.

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