UV Flatbed Printer Replacing Traditional Print

UV Flatbed Printer Replacing Traditional Print

Full color image of UV printer is completed once. The gradual change of color completely can achieves the effect of the photo. The positioning accuracy is high. It saves a lot of manpower and material resources.

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UV flatbed printer replacing traditional printer

The new printing trending that UV flatbed printer is changing and replacing the traditional print.So that our UV flatbed printers can print on almost materials without any limitations. It replaces the traditional screen printing and other pictorial print technology. Because the consumers are quite satisfied UV printer printing effect.

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1.How much will cost to print one square meters?
We can calculate the cost according to the price of ink, Kindly note: the ink consumption is about 15ml/m2.

2.how can I adjust the print height?
You can measure the material thickness manually,then set the print head height based on the thickness. Dacen printer also can detect the height of printing objects automatically by an sensor.                                

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