New Design UV Flatbed & Roll Printer

New Design UV Flatbed & Roll Printer

DG-1800 uv flatbed printer is Large format carpet inkjet roll printing machine with konica km1024i print head, flatbed and roll print in one printer, print width 1800mm

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Product Details

DG-1800 uv flatbed printer is Large format  carpet inkjet roll printing machine with konica km1024i print head,  flatbed and roll print in one  printer, print width 1800mm, product ablility: 1200 square meter/Day




konica print head: speed is fast, precision is high, 1200 square meter/ day

The print head is fixed with a concave design to protect its surface. Meanwhile, the nose car is equipped with a high-sensitivity collision sensor, just like the precise sprinkler head is equipped with an "airbag" to ensure that the sprinkler head will not be damaged by accidental impact in the printing process.

ONLY 19 Software: Onyx 19 USES Spark Engine to implement a more advanced compression algorithm, increasing the speed of RIP by 400%, and DeviceLink to simplify the workflow, improve color consistency, and increase color accuracy and saturation. Onyx 19 also USES iccMAX V5 to configure a new node solution and ICC compatibility.


Printing sample:


Our Service:

* customer service: 24 h / 7 online service many after-sales service points all over the world.  

* Free training: systematic hardware and software training
* Technical Support: have professional R & D and technical team with 20 people
* over 10 years experience for UV flatbed printer * Supply capacity: 100+ monthly capacity



1. Do the packing content contains software?
2. What is the different between the air cooling and water cooling system?
Water cooling system is much faster to cool down the UV LED. And its working noise is lower. Water cooling system is suitable for longer hour using, and large size printing, compared to air cooling, it will prolong the service life of UV LED.
3. Do any special system for white ink?
Yes, we do white ink mixing system.
4. Can this printer print on mug?
Yes, cylinder, conical, and cup with handle are all available.
5. Shipping cost?
Depends on your shipping address.

6. Did this printer work with Photoshop, Ai, etc?
The UV printer comes with RIP software. RIP is a layout software, you can finish the design on Photoshop, then upload the image to RIP to do the printing.
7. What’s RIP installation interface supported language?
Korean, German, French, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (traditional)
8. Software supported format?
9. Do this printer print white ink and color ink at one pass?
10. Need coating/ primer/ pretreatment solution before UV flatbed printer printing?
Only some material: metal, glass.

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