Mug Printing Machine With Small Size 600x900mm

Mug Printing Machine With Small Size 600x900mm

As a small-sized printer DG-6090, the print size is L900*W600mm. Adopting Toshiba nozzle and Toshiba certified ink Printed products are extensive and refined. For instance,glass bottle,wine bottle, Cylindrical ceramic and so on.

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Product Details

The high-tech designed mini 6090 printer can meet the printing needs of different product industries. Flatbed printing and cylinder printing in one printer make the product print more clearly.

DG-6090 Printer:

Mug Printing Machine with Small Size 600x900mm.jpg

DG6090 Printer 1.jpg

DG-6090 Printer Specification:

Print Size600*900mm
Print headTOSHIBA CE4M
Print head quantity4-5 PCS
Ink colorC M Y K Lc Lm W V
Print height0-100mm
Print Speed600*600  ----  2.99sqm/h
600*900  ----  2.06sqm/h
600*1200 ---- 1.57sqm/h
Picture formatPdf,cdr,ai,jpg,tiff
Curing systemLED UV
Cleaning systemNegative pressure
Machine weight100kg
Machine size1558*1688*820mm
Power requirementAC220,1500W
Temperature/humidityTemperature:20-30℃      Humidity: 40%-60%
CertificationCE ROHS SGS
Environment requirementNo dusts

DG-6090 Printer Detail:

1. Use Toshiba CE4M Printhead

High density nozzles, as many as 636, dot frequency is 28KHZ, achieve a high print speed. 8 levels grey scale, 5pl ink drop size, width of printhead is 53.7mm. 

Mug Printing Machine with Small Size 600x900mm 1.jpg

2. Imported Towline

Imported high performance towline, low noise, make your working environment more comfortable.

Mug Printing Machine with Small Size 600x900mm 2.jpg

3. Ink Cartridge and Ink Shortage Warning System Device

Ink cartridges for storing different colors of ink, When the ink cartridges of different colors lack ink, the warning light will sound and play a role of reminding people to add the ink.

Mug Printing Machine with Small Size 600x900mm 4.jpg

4. Printable Cylindrical Products

The printer can print on cylinder with 100mm diameter. This printer use different Y axis control system, can control print head nozzle jet ink in parts, achieve high resolution picture on cylinder.

Mug Printing Machine with Small Size 600x900mm 5.jpg

DG-6090 Printer Usage:

Glass Water Bottle 3.jpg Glass Water Bottle 1.jpg

bottle printer 2.jpg bottle printer 5.jpg

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