Leather Printing Machine With LED Lamp High Speed

Leather Printing Machine With LED Lamp High Speed

Leather printing machine is equipped with LED lamp ,stirring in printing process making the ink dry at once ,no need to wait after printin.LED lamp is envirionmental,and there is less noise.

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Leather printing machine refer to adopt piezoelectric inkjet technology to spray ink to the surface of medium with high speed and high resolution.Equipped automatic stirring device increase the automatic cycle of ink and enhance influent of white ink. And the LED lamp can make the printing pattern dry at once.The straight- line mute rail ensure the printer work more quite, stable and in high accuracy .Our Flatbed UV printer can be widely used for printing on glass, cardboard and almost all kinds of plastic such as Phone case, U disk surface, Acrylic, Name card, Disc, Cosmetic box, office stationary and so on.

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  1. What behaviors may harm the printer?
    A.Adjust the print head violently
    B.Do not pay attention to the working ground wire
    C.Switch the circuit at will
    D.Cleaning without turning off the power

  2. Is the UV printer's rack important?
    Many people in the inspection of UV printers, often overlooked a problem, the importance of the rack, as a UV printer’s rack,it is very important. All the accessories are installed on the rack. If rack is unstable, the quality of the entire equipment can not guarantee.

  3. How can I know if it is paid successfully?
    We will send you a payment confirmation email upon receiving your payment.

  4. How to enhance adhesion of the UV ink?
    A.Increase the power of the UV light curing lamp
    B. Reduce the printing speed of uv printers
    C. Reduce the thickness of uv printing ink layer
    D. Extend uv print curing time

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