Industrial Wide Format Printer 2.5m Width

Industrial Wide Format Printer 2.5m Width

The UV flatbed printer applies advanced 8 levels ink grey scale technology that the variable ink drop makes the printed images more lifelike than the other images printed by other average printers ,equipped with imported high performance rail guide,ensure stable movement, high print resolution, long life, low noise. which makes your printing procedure more efficient, more accurate, more comfortable.

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The digital UV Flatbed Printer DG-2513 is the latest UV machine in Dacen company. This model is installed with 4~8 Toshiba head and designed for industrial bulk production with high printing speed and high resolution, which can print on almost any material directly.The printer allows you to print millions of colors making it perfect for full-color prints. Moreover, UV print allows you to offer customized print without the minimum order quantity requirement because of its great flexibility.

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