Industrial UV Printer With Smart Circulation System

Industrial UV Printer With Smart Circulation System

The print head temperature can be adjusted automatically with according to our actual need combined with our constant water tank.the tank is installed with circulation water pipe. so print heads can work well without worrying other external factors caused such as outside temperature.

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Industrial UV printer with smart circulation system

Dacen series of UV printers are the crystallization of Dacen digital technology studying in the field of uv printing technology for many years, the products adopt industrial-grade Toshiba print head, that is the core of the quality assurance, Toshiba design adopts full stainless steel manufacturing, can effectively prolong the lifetime, its life with one year warranty is more 3 to 5 times than the ordinary print head.

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1. Does your UV printer only print on some specific materials? Can it also print on rigid materials, like phone case,leather, acrylic, pen, etc..?

Our flatbed printers are multi-functional printers ,It can print on all kinds of medium,the printer can also print on phone case, pen, guitar picks,golf ball, leather, acrylic, etc..


2.which colors are often printed?

White is the color that we often use.we often prepare more ink for the white


3.Does it must be sprayed a pre-coating ?

No, only some very smooth and rigid object need to be sprayed a coating before printing

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