High Speed Plotter Printer With UV Led Lamp

High Speed Plotter Printer With UV Led Lamp

UV flatbed printer using advanced steel frame structure, to ensure the stability of the printing process and ensure the printing effect. Equipped with automatic moisturizing system, when the printer is not used it can ensure that the nozzle is not blocked.Equipped with anti-collision system,it will stop when hit the material, prevent our printer print head from damage caused by human error or materials deformation.

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Our UV flatbed printer is 100% original print head of TOSHIBA with great curing system and auto positive pressure cleaning system,ensure you can quickly print without any clogging.Equipped automatic stirring device  increase the automatic cycle of ink and enhance influence of white ink. The straight- line mute rail ensure the printer work more quite, stable and in high accuracy.Adopt high-strength steel frame,ensure no deformation when print glass,stone and other heavy materials.

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