Glass UV Printer Adopted High Quality System

Glass UV Printer Adopted High Quality System

This special printer,low investment. high return money equipment. Is entrepreneurial people’s best choice. Using plate type digital output. No plate. Do not need to repeat tinted. And create higher printing quality than traditional way. The patterns of the printed color is bright. Image is waterproof. Sunscreen. Wear resistance. Never fade.

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 Glass printer adopted high quality system DACEN DG-2513

UV flatbed printers are a new generation of high-tech digital printing equipment. The UV flatbed printers can print on ceramics. Glass. Acrylic. Plank. Handicraft. Painting. Crystal. Metal. Leather. PVC, ABS, such as graphic print pattern. .adopting  continuous automatic ink supply system . the operation is simple and convenient. the printing image fast. Precision is high. The cost is low.



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1.which colors are often printed?

White is the color that we often use.we often prepare more ink for the white


2.where can i buy the spare parts and inks?

Our factory also provide spare parts and inks,you can buy from our factory directly or other suppliers in your local market.


3.What about the warranty?

Our factory provide one year warranty: any parts (except ink pump and ink cartridges) questions on normal use, will provide new ones within one year(not include shipping cost). Beyond one year, only charge at cost.

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