Flatbed Roll Printing In One UV Printer DG-6090

Flatbed Roll Printing In One UV Printer DG-6090

DG - 6090 can directly spray varnish effect on material, uv curing and varnish spray can be finished at a time, control the curing time to be minimum in case of dust adhesion and bubbles, get more pure print effect.

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                                     DACEN DG-6090 Flatbed &Roll all in one Printer

 DG-6090 printer print size:60*90cm, with Toshiba CE4M print head, nozzle service life more than 2 years the working pricesion could control within 0.2mm.

the printer not only print flatbed product,as ceramic, gift box etc,  it could print cylindrial product, as wine box,  cup etc,applied to a wider range of industries,  suitable for customized products.

Small Size UV Printer 6090:



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