Excellent A3 Uv Printer Low Cost

Excellent A3 Uv Printer Low Cost

3.Digital UV printer all accessories of ink system are certified by ink supplier,which will not have any chemical reaction with ink.Equipped with anti-collision system,the print head can be protected from damages caused by human fault and the materials deformation,ensuring a longer life of the print head. With its high resolution and high quality,it can not only print on leather,but also can print on almost all flatbed materials such as phone case, wood, glass, metal, acrylic and so on.

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This model is installed with 4~8 Toshiba head and designed for industrial bulk production with high printing speed and high resolution, which can print on almost any material directly.what's more,the printer has  high resolution with 5pl ink drop size. the printer is applicable to many kinds of different materials, with professional color separation software, ceramic tile, phone case, metal, glass, wood, plastic bags, card, etc.

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