Direct To Wall Painting Printer

Direct To Wall Painting Printer

The wall inkjet printing machine can print any photo and words on wall, ceramic tile, glass, paper, canvas etc. for decoration and advertising.

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                    Direct to wall painting machine 3d vertical wall printer


Advantages of wall printer:

①The construction speed is faster

②The price is cheaper than traditional hand-painted

③The market is more acceptable

④No need for plate making and art foundation

⑤Can directly print out a variety of different high-definition patterns

⑥The patterns are colorful, lifelike and more realistic

⑦Long lasting color and excellent performance

⑧ Meet the aesthetic requirements of current cultural decoration...

⑨There is no need for people to contact the ink, avoiding the contact between people and the ink, which will have an impact on human health.




wall: green wall,  red brick wall, cement wall, grey wall, color wall, white wall

Other media: glass, ceramic tile, wood board, acrylic, PVC and metal plate, etc. (need to be coated)





Q:How long to keep the color?

A:Generally, It can be kept for 3 years outdoors and 8 years indoors. If you spray a layer of protective liquid (such as varnish), it can keep for 5 years outdoors and 15 years indoors.


Q:What should I do if the ground is uneven?

A:If the ground is not level, you can use some other things, such as shelves or bricks and other hard objects to level up the machine.


Q:How could i do if it rains?

A:The pattern printed by our printer is instant dry, waterproof and sunscreen. As long as there is no rain or condensation during printing, there is no problem with rain after print pattern finish.


Q:How about indoor wall blind area?

A:The external corners of the inner wall can be printed seamlessly. The internal corners will have inkjet blind spots, 15 cm on the left, 25 cm on the right, 30 cm on the bottom, and 20 cm on the top. Therefore, if you want to print the interior wall full-width, it is recommended to make a border at the corners.

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