DG-2030 Flatbed UV Printer Printsize 2000mm*3000mm With Toshiba Printhead

DG-2030 Flatbed UV Printer Printsize 2000mm*3000mm With Toshiba Printhead

UV flatbed printer 2030 high speed emboss effect is installed with 4~10 Toshiba head and designed for industrial bulk production with high printing speed and high resolution, which can print on almost any material directly .With UV light irradiating during printing procedure, images with scratch resistance on object surface are dry fast and stable.

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UV flatbed printer 2030 high speed emboss effect

UV flatbed printer 2030 possess a high printing speed and high resolution,applies advanced 8 levels ink grey scale technology that the variable ink drop makes the printed images more lifelike than the other images printed by other average printers ,equipped with imported high performance rail guide,ensure stable movement, high print resolution, long life, low noise.

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1. Equipped With TOSHIBA CE4M Print head

High density nozzles, as many as 636,dot frequency is 28KHZ,achieve a high print speed. Spray ink can reach 300 billion times without clogging and oblique , with a long life. 8 levels grey scale, 5pl ink drop size, with a high resolution.

2. High precision print head base board.

Print head base board is OEM by professional factory, high-precision process. Error less than 0.01mm to improve print accuracy.


3. Professional RIP software GMG

User interface is simple, easy to understand. Efficient workflow, Excellent image handling, rich color management tools, professional color processing method.

4. Print head Anti-collision System

Print head Anti-collision System, prevent print head damage from accidents caused by human error or material deformation.

5. High-performance transmission

USB3.0 interface, speed is 10 times than USB2.0. High efficiency ,energy saving compatibility, strengthen anti-interference ability .

6. Independent negative pressure system on white and color.

Ensure perfect output in the process of high frequency printing, greatly improve stability of the device

        7. High-strength steel frame

Welded racks are milled by CNC milling machine. Ensure no deformation when print glass, stone and other heavy materials.

       8Double lead screw on Y axis

Adopt double lead screw on Y axis, achieving the precision requirements of mechanical transmission, more durable.

       9Imported Towline

Imported high performance towline, low noise, make your working environment more comfortable.

      10Imported high performance rail guide

Imported high performance rail guide, ensure stable movement, high print resolution, long life, low noise. 


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Application of uv printer

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