3D Flatbed UV Ceramic Tiles Printer

3D Flatbed UV Ceramic Tiles Printer

6090 uv flatbed printer with toshiba ce4m print head, support CMYK Lc Lm+W +V 8 color printing machine,

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6090 uv flatbed printer with toshiba ce4m print head, support CMYK Lc Lm+W +V 8 color printing machine

6090 侧面

Main Features:

1. For printing a variety of personalized gifts, especially cylindrical gifts.

2. Support CMYKLcLm+W+V printing at same time with fast speed, high efficiency and time saving

3. Unique 3D texture output option .

4. Strong structure, Ensure the printer for long life working.

5.  High precision led uv printer/digital uv printer/inkjet uv printer.

6.  Environmental uv ink,  3 * toshiba ce4m Printhead

7. Mini UV printer.Print size 60*90cm.

8. For printing gifts, crafts,cup,mobile phone cell, glass, acrylic, PVC,boards ,etc.

Especially cylindrical personalized gifts.







1. Do customers can buy the print head from other companies?
Yes, customers can buy it from local market. Microtec supply it as well.
2 How long it takes for printing 1pc white or black T-shirt?
White t-shirt about 1.5-2mins; Black t-shirt about 3-4 mins.
3. Can we use Photoshop software to work on DTG printer?
No. DTG printer shall be only used with RIP software, which is included in the machine package already.
4.Will the printed t-shirt be fade by hand washing?
We suggest washing on the reverse side of T-shirt and using the washing machine instead to avoid hand-rub.
5.Can customers buy uv ink/ textile ink from other companies?
Yes, that will be no problem. Our customers can also purchase led uv ink/ textile color ink from Microtec and white ink from others like Dupont for better printing effect.
6. How to avoid the print head clogging?
The daily printing job is suggested. Also, please shake the ink cartridge every week to avoid generating sediment.

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