Digital Smart Phone Case Uv Printer

Digital Smart Phone Case Uv Printer

Digital smart phone case uv printer,equipped with Toshiba print head,With UV light irradiating during printing procedure, images with scratch resistance on object surface are dry fast and stable.It can not only print on phone case,but also can print on almost all flatbed materials.

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Product Details

Digital smart phone case uv printer

Digital smart phone case uv printer,its print size is 1.5mter by 1meter,possess a high printing speed and high resolution.Combined with UV ink and piezo inkjet technology, the head can print on almost all kinds of materials' surface.Now almost all people have a smart phone, print on phone case can make it special which has your own personality.

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Product Features

  1. Equipped With TOSHIBA CE4M Print head
    High density nozzles, as many as 636,dot frequency is 28KHZ,achieve a high print speed. Spray ink can reach 300 billion times without clogging and oblique , with a long life. 8 levels grey scale, 5pl ink drop size, with a high resolution.

  2. Certified accessories
    Accessories of Ink system are certified by ink supplier, without chemical reaction with ink.


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After sales service

  1. The supplier will train two engineers for free, the buyer will take care of their hotel stay, food and transport.

  2. Spare parts in warranty for 1 year can be changed for free.

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