Cell Phone Cover Printer

Cell Phone Cover Printer

Cell phone cover printer can directly print all kinds of pictures on the phone cover.the cost of phone cover printing is very low, but the price of phone cover is high. So cell phone cover printer has a broad prospect.

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cell phone cover printer

Cell phone cover printer is also called digital UV printer. It can directly print all kinds of pictures on the phone cover. Nowadays, cell phone has become a necessity for people, almost everyone has a mobile phone, or even 2-3 pieces. Cell phone is not cheap, so people need the phone case to protect the mobile phone. And people usually want to have a beautiful and unique phone cover. 3d embossment effect of phone cover can printed by cell phone cover printer, the cost of phone cover printing is very low, but the price of phone case is high. So cell phone cover printer has a broad prospect.

DG-1510   Specification Explanation
Print Head   Quantity4~10pcs
Machine   Weight650KG
Machine Size3348mm ×1925mm×1306mm
Print Size1500mmW)×1000mm(L)
Print   Thickness80mm
Ink ColorCMYKLCLMWhite
Ink TypeUV ink
Print   SpeedDraft mode:20m2/h
Production mode:14m2/h
High resolution mode:10m2/h
Cleaning   SystemAuto positive   pressure cleaning
Environment   RequirementTemperature:20~30      Humidity40%~60%
Power   RequirementAC220 P2500
Max Load60KG/m2
Curing SystemImported UV LED   lamp/Mercury UV Lamp 
RIP SoftwarteUltra print,   GMG,Photoprint
Operation   systemWindows7_X64
Substrate   materialWood,glass,aliminum,metal,marble,plastic,ceramic   tile,PVC,ABS,PC,canvas,PU,bamboo,nonwoven fibre,stone,etc.
CertificationCE  RoHS    SGS
Package size3700*2200*1600 mm
Machine weight   after packing1100KG


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How to keep the pattern printed by the UV printer does not fade?

The main factors that cause the printing pattern to fade are air, light and heat, because there is oxygen in the air, oxygen and ink will produce an oxidation reaction, which has a great effect on the color of the pattern. There are many reasons for the discoloration of the print pattern. First, the most important thing is the printing material. If the print material is relatively soft, the gap between the particles is larger, and air touch with the surface is very large, it will be easy to fade. If the material is smooth and relatively hard, under the normal circumstances, it is not easy to fade, but if the sun exposure, it will fade.

The best way to keep the pattern durable is to use the appropriate ink, and after the completion of the printing to do post-protection treatment. But if it is in the ultraviolet and ordinary incandescent light will also fade. So if you want to keep the pattern does not fade for a long time to do the following two points:

1, To use the good sealing ink, which is the basic condition to ensure that the pattern does not fade for a long time. Do not choose the ink which has a long shelf life, because it’s particles is large, the internal is not easy to be oxidized, will damage the effect of the pattern.

2, To put the printed pattern in the shade, to ensure that the pattern is not subject to strong light exposure.

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