Why There Is A Chromatic Aberration In The Printing Effect Of UV Flatbed Printer

- Dec 04, 2017-

1.The machine's problem: the stability of the UV flatbed printer can be reflected in this point. There is no this problem if a machine with good stability. Besides, the higher the printing resolution of the print head, the more realistic the printing effect is, so there will be no difference between the printing effect and the actual effect.
2.UV ink problem: at present, there are many kinds of UV inks, so customers can hardly choose which is the most suitable. Therefore, it is better to choose the ink supplied by manufacturers, which is why many manufacturers want customers to choose the ink that they provide.
3. Image processing problems: a picture that is needed to be printed also need to be modified by image processing software, in the process if its color is damaged due to the inappropriate operation, so however you print ,there will be chromatic aberration.

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