What Kind Of Environment Is The Cylinder Printer Suitable For?

- Feb 15, 2021-

  What kind of environment is the cylinder printer suitable for?To put it simply,the temperature of the working environment of the cylindrical printer should not be too high,the ambient humidity should not be too humid,and there should not be too much dust in the air.

  One.What kind of environment is the cylinder printer suitable for?

  1.There are many tiny nozzles on the nozzle of the cylinder printer,the aperture is equivalent to the dust,so the use environment of the cylinder uv printer should be clean and tidy.In addition,dust can easily enter the printing ink,changing the ink structure,thereby affecting the printing The color of the product.

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  2.If the temperature is too low,it will easily cause the ink to solidify,and if it is too high,it will accelerate the diffusion of molecules inside the ink and affect the printing effect.

  3.If the indoor humidity is too high,not only the basic mechanical parts of the expensive cylindrical UV printer are easy to rust,but it is also difficult to guarantee that the nozzle will not be rusted.The temperature change range of the cylindrical UV printer working environment should not be too large.This is because the large-format color printer not only contains a large number of metal parts,but also contains a large number of engineering plastic parts,and the nozzle aperture is very thin.If the ambient temperature changes too much Fast,the thermal expansion of the parts will cause excessive wear of the mechanical parts,and changes in the nozzle aperture size will also affect the print quality.

  Two.Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  It is not a big problem for cylindrical printers to operate under normal ambient temperature.The main reason is that the environment is too cold or too hot.There is no dusty working environment.

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