What Are The Shortcomings Of Flatbed Printers?-one

- Sep 12, 2017-

What are the shortcomings of flatbed printers? DACEN printer manufacturer introduce it for you, flatbed printer has the following several shortcomings.

1. Because the ink is water-permeable, it is not possible to display a printed pattern on a black object, and it is not good to print on a dark object.

2. Because it is a flatbed printer, from the name can show so far it can not print on cylindrical product, like cups, bottles, irregular irregularities, and products with large corrugations can not be printed, and now it is only limited to print on flatbed materials, the arc is not more than 5mm.

3. The history of flatbed printer is not far away, the first domestic flatbed printer was researched in 2003. So there are some problems have not yet resolved, so when buying the machine, the first choice is not the price but the strength of the real manufacturers, first to ensure that the quality of the machine.

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