What Are The Printing Steps For Toy UV Printers?

- Mar 13, 2021-

  What is the printing procedure of toy UV printer?In fact,it is similar to other product printing steps.It is also the first picture processing(typesetting)-positioning-starting the UV printer-starting to print-part of the pattern-product effect.

  One.What are the printing steps of toy UV printers?

  1.Picture processing

  Generally,the picture is designed according to the size to be printed.The picture is set in CMYK format,and it is possible to save it as PSD,JPG,PDF,PS,CDR,etc.Generally,it is saved as JPG,and there are more PDF formats.

  2.Measure the size of the toy

  By measuring the length and width of the material to be printed on the toy.

  3.Picture processing

  Use software to adjust the size of the toy pattern to be the same as the size of the printed material.It is recommended to be 2 pixels larger than the material size.

  4.Handling materials

  Clean the surface of the material with a dust-free cloth.

  5.Place toys

  Perform positioning on the toy printer platform,first print the outer frame of the product,and then place the product to be printed on the positioned frame.

  6.Adjust the spacing

  Adjust the distance between the material and the shoe upper printer head,but they can't touch each other,then import the picture into the software,and use the computer to control the printing.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is the content of"What are the printing steps of toy UV printers?".Toy printers have been widely used,which greatly saves production costs for toy companies.If there is any need,please contact Dacen.

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