What Are The Factors That Determine The Late Life Of The UV Printer?

- Jul 01, 2017-

I believe that many customers have such distress, as time goes on, the machine problems are more and more. In fact, the factors reduce the late life of machine are the environment, people, supplies. These three factors are the links that we can control in the use of the machine.

Operator: The operator is the person who touches the machine every day, so the operator must be careful, experience is second. Only a careful operator can more easily find the problem of the machine, experienced operators in the operation of the machine will only because of familiar and ignore some details. And the careful operator will do better in everyday UV flatbed printing.


Print environment: We are very aware of the importance of the environment. Like we are the same, if living in a very poor environment, is very easy to get sick. Similarly, the machine is the same, in the environment is not suitable for production operations, the problem is more likely to produce. UV printer ideal working environment temperature is 20-30 , humidity is 40-60 , to maintain a certain ventilation.

Printing supplies: Supplies are like our food, even if the body no matter how good, if you eat no nutritious food, then the physical quality is also slowly reduced. Therefore, UV flatbed printer supplies is also like so, we can not choose to buy some cheap supplies in order to save costs, it is best to choose supplies which is the printer manufacturers recommended, so as to effectively reduce the harm to the machine.

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