What Are The Advantages Of Metal UV Flatbed Printer Printing ?

- Mar 19, 2021-

  What are the advantages of printing metal with UV flatbed printer? Many metal materials require UV printers for printing and processing.

   One. What are the advantages of printing metal with UV flatbed printers?

  1, white ink printing

  Metal UV flatbed printer realizes printing on various colored or transparent media. Flexible white ink is also suitable for flexible hard materials. It can be set to print two layers at a time, and the three-layer mode (color and white can be combined as needed) increases the concave-convex printing effect.

  2, safe and reliable printing protection.

  The programmed UV shutter system effectively protects the sensitive nozzle protection design of the print head of the UV printer to prevent abnormal protrusions from damaging the print head. The fully enclosed system is more secure.

  3, high quality, high efficiency, high precision.

   Japanese original all-steel industrial-grade print head, with high accuracy up to 1440dpi, color gamut extended to 8 colors, impeccable color reproduction, easy print head calibration, and optimized printing performance and speed. A large amount of work can be completed easily in a short time.

   4,Good printing quality.

  The metal sign printer adopts ink dot controllable technology, the output image is better, the bright part is more delicate, the dark part is more vivid, and the transition color is more natural. The 2.5pl ink droplet makes you hardly see the ink dots, and the good print quality is comparable to photos. The smooth gradation and fine detail performance save 50% of the ink cost compared with the six-color system, and the uniform pure color density performance.

   Two. Summary of Dacen, a manufacturer of UV flatbed printers

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