UV Flatbed Printer Tips

- Aug 09, 2017-

        The consumables of UV flatbed printer are ink, cleaning fluid, ink cartridges, grating, data lines, etc. The most consumed and most commonly used is the ink. The price of ink is not cheap in the current market, so the daily use of UV flatbed printer for production work, we must pay attention to saving ink, do not waste ink. How can we save the ink? DACEN introduce it for you. The consumption of flatbed printer ink is too fast, probably due to the following incorrect operation:


       1. Turn off the printer when the UV flatbed printer has not finished printing.

       2. Do not turn off the flatbed printer in the correct way. The correct way to turn off the printer is to press the power button first, then unplug the power plug. Do not unplug the power plug from the outlet when the printer is still working.

       3.Every time you clean the print head, it will consume a lot of ink. In the case of normal printing, Minimize the print head cleaning. When the print quality drops, clean the print head immediately.

       In the daily production work, UV flatbed printers need to be properly used and routine maintenance to reduce the wastage of the ink, save the ink for production, further reduce the production cost, and achieve low input and high yield.

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