UV Flatbed Printer Definition

- Jun 06, 2017-

The original design and manufacturing purpose is used to inkjet hard material inkjet equipment, which broke through the inkjet technology can only print on the soft material restrictions, inkjet history is an important turning point, marking the inkjet technology to enter more The birth of a field of time.

Flat-panel printers have been abroad for many years and can not be seen as an additional addition to the existing wide-format image market, but rather a more inexpensive alternative to the short-term screen printing market. For short-term use of large-format images, the traditional screen printing method requires a high cost, while the flat-panel printer inkjet on the economy a lot. In addition, at least 30% of flatbed printers are not used in the traditional image area, but other unique personalized applications, such as: a British company to buy three UV flatbed printer, designed for customers to print toilet cover.

UV flatbed printer using the latest LED technology, power is only 80W, saving environmental protection, no preheating, no heat radiation, printing materials are not deformed, LED lamp long life, waterproof UV, the use of maintenance costs are very low.

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