Three Printing Modes Of Cylinder Printer

- Mar 25, 2021-

  The three printing modes of cylinder printers.What are the differences in printing inks for different cylinder printers?

  One.Three printing modes of cylinder printer

  There are three printing modes for cylinder printers,one is economy mode,the other is normal mode,and the third is high-precision mode.Users can choose the printing mode according to their own situation.

  1.Cylinder printer economy mode

  Among the three common printing modes of flatbed printers,the economic mode is to sacrifice print quality in exchange for cost reduction.Although the quality is not very high,this mode is better than saving ink.

  2.Normal mode of cylinder printer

  The normal printing mode is widely used.This mode takes into account the print quality and speed,so choose this mode when printing,but this mode is for most printing materials,and some materials may not achieve the effect.

  3.High-precision mode of cylinder printer

  Flatbed printer printing accuracy and ink consumption are directly proportional,the higher the accuracy,the greater the ink consumption;while the printing accuracy is inversely proportional to the printing speed,the higher the accuracy,the slower the speed.High-precision printing mode sacrifices speed and modulus to achieve high-quality printing.

  Two.Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

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