The Small Common Sense Of Maintenance Of UV Printer Print Head-two

- Sep 11, 2017-

6, If the print head disconnected when the printer is printing, you must suspend the inkjet for the tip. If the print head clogging seriously, you can use cleaning fluid to clean the print head, and then suck out the ink. Note: the print head which clogging seriously after cleaning will result in color difference.

7, Using the vomiting ink function and cleaning function according to inkjet program, you can ensure that all print head will be time to spray ink.

8, After the inkjet is finished, the protective film is sealed on the print head.

9, simple cleaning: soft brush can be used to dipped in cleaning fluid to clean the ink outside the nozzle, with a vacuum cleaner to remove the ink within the nozzle, so that the nozzle flow.

10, moderate cleaning: the syringe filled with cleaning fluid before cleaning; when cleaning, first unplug the ink tube, and then the cleaning tube into the ink mouth of print head, so that the cleaning fluid with pressure from the ink tube Into the print head until the ink inside the print head was washed clean.

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